Sweet Art is the pioneer and expert in cake decoration, renowned for its exquisite cakes, delicious confectionery, wedding favors and artistic sugar flower designs. We offer wedding planning services and themed designs for floral arrangements and wedding cakes for your perfect day.

Mrs. Weena Sucharitkul, the confectionery artist, who had established this center over ten years ago is also a member of the cake decorators’ guilds in both Australia and USA.


She had studied the culinary art, cake decoration and floral design from various institutes in The Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia , Indonesia , Japan and Thailand and had received certificates for both IKEBANA and western style floral arrangements. She had taught Thai culinary and pastry art extensively in both Thailand and overseas, such as at the Sterling College in ACT, Australia. Moreover, she has also been jury in several international culinary competitions.

Sweet Art is honoured to have been invited to appear in various television and radio programs as well as on several leading magazines and newspapers.

Our cakes are work of arts as we the time to carefully and delicately design each perfect one. Customers can choose from a variety of cake styles: fresh buttercream, chocolate, royal icing or rolled fondant. The cake of your dreams can be created in our hands. Our products are hygienic without any use of preservatives and we take care in employing only high quality ingredients. We specialize in making sugar flowers, where each piece is genuinely handmade. The bride and groom should ask for the consultation of their wedding cakes. Our designer will artistically create a cake that seems to have leapt out from their imagination.

We also delivery the cakes and set up the cake table. Furthermore, we provide cake tables, platform, stages , carpet , candles, cutting knife, sword and toppers. Some of our staffs can assist in cutting the cakes. Custom-made toppers such as sugar bride and groom figurines can also be ordered exclusively.

We have also created several artistic floral designs for numerous weddings. Our shop is well equipped with many beautiful floral arches, candelabras, flower stands and vases for your wedding.

Customers for the wedding services are recommended to make an appointment prior to their visits. Please contact 02-692-3487, 02-692-2390